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Created and managed by the Council of Sustainable Industries (CSI) and TERRANOVA

For more information, please contact:
Marilyne Coulombe : mcoulombe@industries-durables.org or 438-827-1212

Target These videos are generic and can easily be used in all organizations to raise awareness with employees about ECORESPONSIBLETM practices and mobilize them around sustainable development. These videos are recommended for the companies or organizations that have started the 4-level ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification process or the Attestation approach for an ecodesigned packaging or product.
Goals The six awareness-raising videos last approximately 30 minutes each and allow viewers to understand the basic principles of sustainable development and focus on the following issues.
Modules Videos

  1. Sustainable development awareness-raising
  2. Energy management
  3. Waste management
  4. Environmentally conscious behaviours
  5. Water management
  6. Responsible purchasing
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