Obtaining Level 1. Engagement of the ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification

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Marilyne Coulombe : mcoulombe@industries-durables.org OR 438-827-1212

Target This training is an essential tool for all businesses and organizations looking to progressively implement ECORESPONSIBLETM practices. This training is mandatory for the qualification of accredited experts within the ECORESPONSIBLETM program.
Goals This training includes 10 modules and aims to guide the SD (sustainable development) team in preparing the documentation required for receiving Level 1. Engagement of the ECORESPONSIBLETM Certification.
Modules This training includes 10 modules (includes 5 access passes).

Level 1. Engagement:

  1. Guide for ECORESPONSIBLETM managers
  2. Guide for ECORESPONSIBLETM committees
  3. Themes and stakes for sustainable development
  4. Self-assessment/Assess your situation
  5. Stakeholders
  6. Vision and strategic plan
  7. Action plan/Goal
  8. ECORESPONSIBLETM charter for sustainable development management
  9. Best practices
  10. Certification and documentation process
Prerequisites None